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Why 2021 is the year to hire a Virtual Assistant

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

There is no doubt that in 2020 we have all had to run our lives and businesses in a different way. There is hope to hang on to for 2021 but the fact remains that we will have to live with personal, professional and economic uncertainty for some time yet. You might be cautious about the outlook for your business in the months ahead but you still need to continue to invest in growth to ensure your business not only survives, but thrives!

Over the last 9 months, I have seen how I have been able to offer businesses and individuals a solution to the support they have been looking for without them having to make a long term financial commitment and in a way which can be exactly fitted to individual needs. Here is what just one of my clients had to say after working together for only two months:


Kate has been a great asset to our business. She is organised and efficient with a great energy. Her experience and ability means that I have the confidence in her to take on the tasks that free me up to concentrate on my priorities and give me more time with my clients. Her professional and flexible approach has significantly helped to drive the business forward and let me get on with doing what I do best. I have seen a clear increase in cash flow since engaging with her as I am no longer carrying out tasks which are not related to my skillset and are not fee earning. Within just a few weeks she has become integrated into the business and brings ideas and solutions which take her beyond the skills of any PA or office manager I have worked with.

Here is why 2021 could be the year for you to consider hiring a VA...

You are spending too much time on tasks that are not fee earning

Your business is built around what you do best. There are always lots of tasks which need to be done in order for your business to run efficiently but should you be doing them? Outsourcing those tasks will give you back the time you could be spending on what you do well and ultimately, what generates income. Sometimes, a small investment can have big rewards.

You are putting off tasks because you simply don't like doing them

Presumably, you started your business so that you can earn a living doing what you love and are best at. Delegating some of the stuff that weighs you down will release not only time, but your energy and creativity too. This will help to invigorate you and your business.

You may need to be COVID compliant for some time to come

You may be ready to hire a Personal Assistant but it's not reasonable or practical to ask them to travel into your premises for the foreseeable future. You may have office space that is being underused or perhaps you've had to relinquish it as a result of the pandemic? A Virtual Assistant is set up and experienced at working remotely. It can be a good temporary or longer term solution to your need for PA support.

You need a PA but you're concerned about the costs and work involved in employing someone

Full time permanent contracts can be costly and require considerable legal and HR support. A monthly retainer with a VA is an excellent interim solution and there are usually a variety of support packages available. Your VA will provide you with a service agreement based on what you have both decided works for you and your business. With none of the costs associated with employing someone, the support can be flexible and tailored for your needs meaning you only get invoiced for the hours worked and nothing else.

You are looking to elevate your business to the next level but you haven't taken those steps yet

Your business is succeeding and doing well but you are not ready to fully expand your workforce yet. Without the considerable commitment involved in employing someone on a permanent basis, a Virtual Assistant can ensure you are operating as effectively as possible as well as bringing new skills, ideas and experience. It can be brand enhancing and ensure you are making the most of every fee earning opportunity.

Do any of the points above sound familiar to you? You can visit my website where you will find more details about the services I offer as well as testimonials from others who have worked with me. You can also email me at to arrange a free, no obligation consultation and discover how a Virtual Assistant could work for you.

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