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5 Reasons to hire a Virtual PA

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

After a 19 year career with the John Lewis Partnership, I began to see a shift in the way we are all working and living our lives. The demand for work and life admin support was growing as people's lives got busier but how people want to access and use that support has evolved. I launched my own business with this in mind. I wanted to offer flexible and efficient support to busy professionals that allowed them to target the areas of support they needed and choose when they use it. In this short blog, I list my top five reasons to hire a virtual PA and explain how this could work to support your business or lifestyle.

Here to simplify your life

We can give you back the time to concentrate on the stuff that really matters.

Whether you are a CEO, small business owner, entrepreneur, busy working professional or parent, a virtual assistant can help by taking over the tasks that get in the way of you concentrating on the stuff that really matters.


Flexible support as and when you need it

How much support you or your business needs may differ from week to week or month to month. Using a VA can mean that you can flex that support to meet your requirements so you are only paying for the time you need.


Cost Effective structure

You don't incur any of the normal onboarding expenses involved in recruiting someone on a permanent contract. There are no agency expenses, no holiday/sick pay or pension contributions to consider. You don't need to supply equipment, training or an office space to work in. Pay only for the time you need, when you need it!


Bringing new Skills and Experience

A good virtual PA will have experience of working with multiple clients with very different needs. We are used to adapting to different ways of working and keeping our skillset up to date so we can hit the ground running! Often you will find a good VA can bring fresh ideas and new and efficient ways of doing things as well as a wealth of potentially useful contacts in their network.


Reliable and Professional approach

Most Virtual PAs will have had considerable experience working with professionals at a senior level. Our own success relies on our good reputation and much of our work comes from recommendation. It is also intrinsic to what we do to offer support that enables and facilitates others to focus on their priorities so it really matters to us to do a great job!

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